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I have known Aaron socially for many years, so when my business partner/husband Joe and I decided to start a home services business, I knew we would need Aaron’s professional expertise to help us find and negotiate the warehouse/office space. While we had some negotiating experience ourselves and had bought or rented residential properties, the particulars of commercial space acquisition and lease creation were far outside our knowledge and comfort level to manage on our own. Aaron asked us questions to better understand our business and space requirements, and ensured that the appropriate questions were directed to the landlords as well – often questions that we didn’t even think we needed to ask! We toured multiple sites on the north side of Chicago, and discussed the pros and cons of each one – each time further clarifying what would be our ideal work environment. The time between our first meeting with Aaron to the signing of our lease agreement was less than two months. We were definitely on a short timeline to get our doors open, and are thankful that Aaron was able to accommodate that need. Aaron’s knowledge of the commercial real estate market, what is reasonable to ask of a commercial landlord, ability to think through the variables of a particular property, and ultimately negotiate a satisfactory lease agreement were all invaluable to us, and all serve as the reasons why I would recommend him to anyone considering opening a business in Chicago.”

Jeri Reeder, Owner
Shine of Chicago North


I have had a business relationship with Ann Anovitz Associates since 1997. They are a family owned company that operates with honesty and integrity and are experts in all facets of the commercial real estate business including leasing and sales. I would recommend Ann Anovitz Associates to anyone requiring real estate services.’

M.B. Leason
Property Owner / Investor


Not satisfied with previous brokers and their representation, I was referred to Ann Anovitz Associates. In a few short months (previous brokers had been working for over a year) they had secured an office space, within my required terms and budget, and opening day is fast approaching. Trustworthy, hardworking and true to their word, Ann Anovitz Associates is the broker you need for your business location needs.”

Suzanne Barrett
Barrett Office Suites

Anovitz Associates does a great job managing and improving our properties and bringing in tenants even in difficult times.

R.A. Ginsburg
Property Owner / Investor